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Woman and child with an Elmo costume on.
Man and child sitting on a couch
Woman and child faces, outside.
3 adults outside on a patio.

Family Time....Good Times

New York City

Although the pandemic has disrupted everyone’s lives, you have to look deeper to find out what staying home really means. If your home is your castle why would you not want to be in it? With all of our busy lives pre-pandemic people said that they wanted to spend time with their family, they wish they had more time in the day. Be careful what you ask for LOL because we truly got it! During this time I have spent the most time ever with my family. My grandson has spent time with his great grandmother my mom, and I’ve spent the most time with my son and my daughter. Family dinners have taken on A new meaning. Brunch is every Sunday with my middle school friend, Zoom conversations with my relatives who live in Florida. More importantly this pandemic has helped us all whether we wanted to or not slow down. Look at life through a different lens prioritize what is really important and take stock in our lives and our families. We’ve had family dinners more now than I ever remember as a child growing up in the Bronx. And we have laughed harder cried less and seemingly almost had no worries. I know it seems strange we are a lighthearted bunch normally, but it seems like this pandemic has taught us what really means the most. And it is us. The impact that we make on each others lives. The legacy that we are leaving for my grandson, self educating ourselves lending our hand to civil rights and social justice matters and I will communities. And helping our neighbors to the best of our ability. That is what this pandemic has taught us or at least for me and my family. We have learned the value of ourselves. And we found out that we are the most important things in this world!

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