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A person holding a ukulele and sitting on the ground
A ukulele being held in a person's hands

Getting Me Through It

Washington, D.C.

Music has always been very important in my life. I have been singing and playing various instruments since childhood (currently mostly ukulele). And my emotional connection to listening to, experiencing, and creating music has always been profound. And I have found that during this time I have been leaning on music as an aid to get me through this. It has been my constant companion. I play my ukulele and sing much more frequently than I used to. My whole day is filled with the background music playing from one device or another. Music can lift my mood, or it can help me to experience and then move past unpleasant emotions. It can help me focus or help me redirect my attention from unhelpful, intrusive thoughts. It can be a creative outlet for expression. Music has always been important to me but I think that this year has made me appreciate that much more. 

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