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Child on bed with TV on in the background
Child holding a Black Lives Matter protest sign.
Picture of a group of children.
Family photo on a boardwalk beside a body of water.

By God’s Grace, We’re Still Here


When the pandemic first hit, I remember driving in my car on the way to work listening to the radio. Several reports kept warning us about the spiked numbers and to literally prep ourselves by staying home. I usually park my car at the train station before heading to work. However, this time they were experiencing tracking issues. I drove all the way to work but didn’t stay long. I just had to set up my laptop to begin working from home. When you thought being a parent in general is tough enough, it definitely was a challenge during this pandemic. My husband and I had to balance the load between work and home school. Surprisingly, our daughter had no problems with the adjustment of staying home and wearing a mask in public. She enjoyed our company and her friends and family were only a Zoom call away. During the Civil unrest shortly after the murder of George Floyd, I had several nights of not being able to sleep. Questions of “why does our race suffer from these tragedies” or “how will this affect my daughter or my nieces and nephews?” I know I was not alone and seeing so many protests around the world proved that everyone had the same questions. Through it all, we know that the loss of Mr. Floyd’s life would not be vain. We will keep fighting. On the night of the election results, I had the biggest migraine that just would not go away. I had no idea how any of this would play out. Our country was at the edge of losing our democracy. I certainly did not want another 4 years of a pandemic that the administration ignored. My mom prayed with me to keep me calm. On that Saturday morning, we were cheerful when Biden won and electing the first black woman, Kamala Harris as the Vice President who happens to be my soror. What an amazing day! My heart goes out to all families who have lost loved ones during this pandemic. Although it is difficult to see close friends and family suffer from the COVID virus, I will never lose my faith in God that he will bring us through this. I thank God for His protection over my family. We continue to Zoom chat with our friends and family and everyone is doing good. By the grace of God, all is well, all will be well and we are still here.

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