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Illuminated sign, Jazz at the Lincoln Center

Jazz is Life

Washington, D.C.

When the pandemic hit, I knew I needed a schedule and a project. I decided to take every on-line class and program offered by Jazz at Lincoln Center. Although I liked jazz, taking these classes really helped me understand it and discover so many musicians and how they evolved. It was so much fun and something I really looked forward to - and still do! What a treat to take these classes on-line since they were only offered in New York City prior to the pandemic.

There were talks with the musicians, Wynton Marsalis and the JALC staff. They made me - and others - feel like a family and that we were all in this together. I was so proud of myself when I came in at number 4 for the jazz test. The JALC threw me a life preserver and I was lucky enough to catch it.

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