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postor or Card with the words, "Momma Said Words of Wisdom and Love"

Keeping Mom Safe during COVID

We grew up as a really close family. Even before Dad died in 1968 our home was a central location for relative, friends and neighbors. Now that Covid-19 lives amongst us and Mom will be 103 December 15, we are super careful about our interaction in the house. Mom suffers from dementia and is being well cared for by family and health care assistants. We are mindful about checking in on Mom and spending time in her space since there is a deadly stranger in the air. Whenever I visit, I usually say hello from the adjoin room always with a mask on. Sometime I get closer to touch here foot and say a prayer after I have washed my hands very well. What the pandemic reinforced in me is that what matters most is love and family. Happy Holidays Be Well & stay safe!

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