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Midday Mail Drop

It really is the little acts of kindness that are helping us get through these times. My favorite moment by far was an interaction with the mailman the other day. I have two dogs, and one of them was abused and neglected before we adopted him. He has just started becoming more confident, and has even began barking and howling! So the other day, when their favorite mailman came to deliver a package (and leave dog treats), he began howling and barking. And when my housemate went to open the door and say thank you, I heard the mailman say he was proud of our dog and so excited to hear him barking. It's such a small comment, but it made my day. It's hard to remember the positives, but seeing our mailman do his essential job with such enthusiasm and energy, enough to actually learn about the habits of our pets, really comforted me.

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