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Never give up


The last few years have been a real struggle for me: husband has been unemployed, I've been working two jobs, had some personal losses and been generally discouraged and depressed. When I was most down, I would remember stories of one of my favorite presidents, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. From being a sickly child, he worked hard to build himself up. He suffered the loss of his first wife when his daughter was born and went into a deep depression. Through all this he never gave up. He worked hard, taught himself new skills ( like ranching) and through his inner strength and determination , eventually rose to the highest office in the land. I think about his struggles and tell myself, if Teddy can overcome his trials and tribulations, so can you. I don't aspire to be the president but have set myself the goal of finally retiring in 18 months. Until then, I just take each day as it comes, try to keep my spirits up, give thanks for the blessings I have and when all else fails, I go in a closet, shut the door and shout "Bully". I like to think Teddy would approve.

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