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A sign in red and white that reads, "Black Mountain Mamas"

Online moms group to the rescue


I'm a member of an online moms group, the "Back Mountain Mamas" on Facebook. I have been so encouraged by the supportive, welcoming, and generous sensibilities shared through this group throughout the pandemic. Several families have expressed needs-- from material things, to emotional support--and the other members of the group never disappoint. I have passed along baby gear to single moms in need, have purchased toys and clothes for my growing youngsters, and have seen the group raise over $2,000 in the past month for a local "Adopt a single mom" charity. Last week, my son was feeling particularly left out during an online school session when his peers were all chatting about a toy they all had (that we don't). I put a note out to my group and within hours, I had several women volunteering to help. I have been so grateful for this online community. Even though we can't see each other in person, the heartwarming support of other moms has helped me get through this pandemic.

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