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Rediscovering Love for Music


For as long as I can remember I have had a song playing in my head. I call it my theme song, and it changes and ranges from a motivational Mary J Blige , the theme to Mission Impossible, or sometimes it is a Nina Simone or a variety of other greats. Theme songs usually last for months or years ands when I am in need of a little get up and go, it just starts in my head and gives me the extra power I need.

Somehow as life has proceeded, my time to actually play music got relegated into small pockets. When I am alone driving mostly. I hadn't quite realized the hole that I had until the pandemic occurred. Alone in my house I rediscovered the love of dancing in the kitchen to music from various decades, the playlists abound, and my smiles and spirit have been uplifted and reborn!

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