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A grid of 6 images showing different scenes of Christmas lights and trees
A grid of 6 images showing different outdoor scenes of Christmas lights
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Rejoice and Celebrate in spite of...

Brooklyn, NY

Pressing, Praising and Praying through the Pandemic! To say that this pandemic has wrecked havoc would be an understatement! Surely, I thought, we would not still be on partial lockdown in December!!! Every year the Morris Family and extended branches look forward to our annual Thanksgiving Gathering in our hometown of Trio, South Carolina! (Yes, Trio...if you heard of Charleston, Columbia or Myrtle Beach, that's close enough!) Needless to say, we were so disappointed that those out of state would not be traveling to celebrate Morris style on the "Hill". "Morris Estates" is comprised of 3 houses - oldest brother, youngest brother and Lady B (5th born daughter who restored the family house that our father built). A few years ago, we instituted "Christmas in November" when we decorate Christmas trees and put up the lights on the house and around the property. We eagerly anticipate eating all 3 types of turkey: traditional oven roasted; deep fried and bar-b-cued! Man, oh man, what a time of over indulgence! After a mouth-watering feast throughout the day; at around 8pm, we would gather for annual family prayer! Since the pandemic curtailed our gathering in person, we ZOOMed in for prayer and laughs. Oh, let me not forget to mention the photo shoots! My family LOVES to take PHOTOS...tons of them. It helps when you have a professional photographer in the family and she manages to capture every moment. We truly enjoy our gathering and do not take these times for granted. As 2020 has reminded us, life is short and tomorrow is not promised! LIVE every moment! LOVE beyond words! LAUGH everyday! #MyTGStory #MorrisFamCelebrations

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